Get that feelgood factor this winter

Decluttering and charity go hand in hand 

My days as a professional organiser and declutterer are packed; whether I’m eyeing up an overflowing garage or helping a family organise themselves so they can find more time to relax and be together.

As night falls, I still think about my clients and I find myself reflecting on the gulf between those who have too much and those who haven’t.

This time of year, this gulf feels particularly stark; I know there are many people in London and elsewhere who are in dire need.    

Decluttering and charity go hand in hand

I love what I do; and I’ve always been pleased to donate my own and my clients’ unwanted items to charity; repurposing and redistributing things to those who need them most.  

My clients donated a huge amount of unwanted stuff to charitable causes last year. Speaking to them once they’d finished working with me, they felt they’d had a weight lifted off their shoulders. But this wasn’t just about gaining space and clarity. It was also about giving to others and growing as a person.

This winter, I’d love you to be involved in helping someone you don’t know.

I want to help. What can I do?

If you’re clutter-rich but time-poor, consider a professional organiser to help you out. In just four hours, you can have:

●    an entire room sorted  

●    impartial help on deciding what to keep

●    the beginnings of a streamlined home… and life!


What’s more, most things you no longer need will go to a very good home.

If it’s not the right time for you to book me, please look around your home now to see if you can donate the following items to charity:


●    Clothes and shoes (they don’t have to be fancy, just in decent condition)

●    Duvets, towels, toiletries, furniture

●    Unwanted gifts like scented candles or soaps

●    Bags, perfume and aftershave

●    Your time


What can you do to help someone else this winter?

Next week is National Organising Week (#NOWorganise), which includes Donate A Day To Charity. Alongside fellow APDO members, I’ll be donating my services to TRAID who do amazing work throughout the UK. 

What can you do to help? Here are three ideas to get you started:  

●    Empty out a kitchen cupboard – your nearest foodbank needs tins and dry food (most supermarkets accept donations)

●    Sort the playroom, kids’ bedrooms and anywhere you store toys your children have outgrown – hospital children’s wards often look for toys and books

●    Check under the sofa, in drawers and handbags – any old £1 coins? The Poppy Appeal, local and national charities gladly take these of your hands. They also accept most foreign coins


You can also check #NOWorganise on Twitter next week for updates.

Thank you for doing what you can to help someone else this winter. If you’d like some help and to start the new year with your home feeling like a haven of rest and relaxation, please get in touch for a free, 30-minute consultation.

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