International House Move – decluttering, organising & unpacking

With Brexit on the horizon, companies and individuals alike are moving across the North Sea to Amsterdam


Out of Space are proud to offer their full house move service to those seeking pastures new.
We have a pool of services which will support you in London from decluttering and preparations before the removal company arrives to helping you with the actual relocation. All discarded items will be donated to charity or responsibly disposed off according to our green policy. We can advise on selling valuable items through our third party selling partners.

By letting go of possessions that are not wanted or needed, the cost of moving can be significantly reduced and the stress of finding what to do with these, will be taken away by us.


Upon arrival in Amsterdam, a team will be on hand to start the unpacking and organising of your new home. Within a matter of days, you can settle into your new life without the daunting task of unpacking the vast amount of removal boxes.

Our London team are all members of APDO, fully insured, registered with ICO and HMRC, trained and experienced. Our Amsterdam team have been trained under the supervision of NBPO and guarantee the same professionalism. One team member will be assigned to your move and will be on hand in both London and Amsterdam to offer support and make your move run smoothly.
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Relocation Experts

We are proud to introduce our collaboration with Dutch Relocation Experts Expats on the Move, who offer a full relocation package, tailor made to you. For more information, contact Sanne Gortzak

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