S.T.R.E.A.M.L.I.N.E. – N is for Narrow down

We are entering the last 2 weeks of a ten-week process to achieve a more organised and sorted home. This weeks topic based on STREAMLINE is 

N – Narrow down

You might have heard of “The Minimalist”, 2 men on a journey to improve their quality of life by living a minimalist lifestyle. They packed up most of their possessions and only kept the bare minimum to satisfy their needs. 8 years later they’ve grown a movement with millions of followers.

I am not an advocate of minimalism as such. I love to surround myself by pretty things, find comfort in what I have, BUT all my possessions and those of the people I share my home with, satisfy our individual needs. There is no unwanted surplus cluttering up our space, everything is being used or wanted by a member of my family. 

Each individual has their own views on what they classify as “necessary”, depending on age, gender, culture, hobbies or family set-up. We have different interests and what we own reflects that. But living with others doesn’t mean your home needs to overflow with stuff. 

Narrowing down can be achieved by using multifunctional equipment. A Magimix can perform multiple tasks rather than having a separate blender, mixer and chopper. The same for a printer/scanner. Think of using a WIFI printer, which would reduce the number of printers in your home to one that can be used by everyone. Look for versatile items that are multifunctional rather than ones that perform just the single task. Narrowing down doesn’t just apply to functional items, think of sentimental things you hold onto – choose your favourite, display it and enjoy. What is the point of having a tea set inherited from your grandmother in a box up in the loft. Use it and have fond memories of tea with grandma every time you have a cuppa or place some of it as decorative pieces around your home. And then there is the issue of photos. Have you thought of making a “Holiday Album”, choosing the best 10 or so photos of each holiday and purge the ones that are mediocre or right down awful. Don’t feel bad but think of the pleasure you will get out of enjoying 10 rather than suffering 100.

As you go through the process (and revisit previous steps when required) you will find that your needs and wants change over time, which leads possessions to find its equilibrium at personal optimum levels.

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