S.T.R.E.A.M.L.I.N.E. – I is for If one comes in, one goes out

I – If one comes in, one goes out

Decluttering can sometimes feel like an endless struggle. We clear, purge and donate but our homes don’t look any emptier. Why is that?

Compare your home to a bucket of water; decluttering is like drilling a hole in the bottom. Slowly but surely, as you declutter, the levels should go down. However, if you keep filling from the top, the levels will remain the same, or worse make the bucket (your home) overflow.

As long as we continue to bring things into our home at a higher rate than taking them out, nothing will change. So here is a simple rule: “One comes in, one goes out”. How does this work?

Every time you buy a new item, replace it by removing a similar item that no longer serves its purpose. Want the latest tech gadget before the old one has broken? No problem but donate or pass the old one you no longer need on. This rule applies to like for like items (replacing superfluous paperclips with a kitchen gadget doesn’t count) and don’t be fooled by the notion that the old item might come in handy at some point – if that is how you feel, why did you buy a replacement in the first place? The rule applies to absolutely everything in our home, clothing, food, art & craft supplies. You name it – it will apply.

Decluttering requires discipline, it’s not easy but if we stick to this rule and implement everything we have learned so far, it will get easier each day. And if we continue to purge at a faster pace than bringing things in, we will ultimately reach our goal.

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