S.T.R.E.A.M.L.I.N.E. – M is for Modules

M – Modules

We have arrived at phase 2, the consolidation of everything we have implemented so far. 

It is time to organise our dwindled down possessions which are kept in its place. As in any other systematic process, you can use sections, partitions or modules to contain similar items, dividing a complex system (our household) into smaller task-specific components.

Whilst sorting through every room, we have collated all items of the same kind and given it a temporary place in our home. Depending on what the item is, we will have to give it a permanent place (shelf, drawer or cupboard) or make it portable for easy use (box or container). Some items, which tend to sprawl, need to be contained. Think about art supplies, if they are not kept in a box or container, they soon will be spreading all over the place. However, cleaning supplies don’t tend to spread and can be kept together on a shelf or in a cupboard. Find suitable storage for each group of items, whether it be a shelf, box or bag. Transparent containers are the most practical as you can see what’s in them without opening, but labels or colour coding can achieve the same.

Before we give it a permanent place in the home, we might need to cull further. For example, in phase 1 we took out all pens that didn’t work, but now having all working ones in the same place, you might still have 60 pens left. Given that a pen lasts on average 6 months, that is a 30 year supply you are holding onto. The same goes for anything you have in abundance.

Having everything of the same kind in the same place, will stop you from buying duplicates, saving you money as well as keeping clutter at bay.

Don’t rush out now to buy a lot of pretty boxes, think carefully what organisation system will work best for you and cull before you buy – otherwise these pretty boxes will not serve its purpose of simplifying our lives but will become a hiding places for our clutter

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